An early alert of a preterm birth could change the life of a baby and its family

The impact of testing more promotes an early alert allowing doctors to have chance to:

  • Stop the contractions;
  • Mature the fetal lungs;
  • Ensure fetal neuroprotection.

The Smart Pad has an embedded microsystem that analyzes biochemical markers, associated with the risk of a preterm birth, found in vaginal discharge.

Our mission is to help pregnant women and their doctors to anticipate a preterm birth.

An early diagnosis allows physicians to provide the required drug for neuroprotection and lung maturation.

OBGYNs follow the results of the Smart Pad to continuously monitor their patients at high risk. Our solution allows a pregnant woman to be monitored in the comfort of her own home, sparing her from potentially months of unnecessary hospital stays and overtreatment with with medications.

The service will include one test per week and midwife support via digital health.

We are currently validating the efficiency of our technology in one of the best hospitals of the world, the CHUV, while continuing parallel research and testing the best solutions in our laboratories at EPFL.

We are thankful to every pregnant woman that has participated in our clinical research.