Rea provides the latest diagnostic technology to detect a risk
of a preterm birth

Preterm birth is one Of the main

challenges in healthcare

Prematurity is the main cause of death of infants. Children born preterm are likely to have long-term neurological and developmental disorders.

Half of the women that deliver preterm have no risk factors and present no symptoms. It is impossible for them and their doctors to foresee a preterm birth.

1 out of 10 women deliver preterm

Doctors do not know which of their patients will deliver preterm.

85% of the hospitalized women who are at risk of preterm birth do not deliver within the next 7 days.

To diagnose a preterm birth, doctors have to wait until a patient shows symptoms, but 50% of the cases are completely unexpected.

Half of all premature infants are born without preventive medical intervention.

Preterm birth risk assessment is a major challenge in obstetrics care, being the first cause of perinatal mortality and morbidity.

  • In Switzerland, 33% of infant deaths occurred among children born preterm (
  • In the US, 66% of infant deaths occurred among children born preterm (

Our offer


To test for preterm birth biomarkers, doctors need to perform an invasive procedure by collecting a cervical swab in the hospital.

with REA

We offer the same type of biochemical test but in a friendly format. Thanks to our Smart Pad, women can perform themselves a preterm birth test at home.

We want to offer every woman a safe pregnancy.

Our technology provides an early alert to doctors so they can take the required medical action to save lives.

Knowing when the patient will deliver makes a huge difference for the health of the baby.

Prof. David Baud, the Head of Obstetrics of the Lausanne University Hospital. Leading the clinical validation of our SmartPad.